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Villa d’Este was built, on a plateau that descends from the city to the valley. It’s a Renaissance jewel and above all a masterpiece of hydraulic engineering and landscape modeling. The Villa was commissioned, in the second half of the 16th century by Ippolito II d'Este, cardinal of one of the powerful families of that age, eager to show all his power creating beauty by "letting the water splashed out of the stone" and imposing to the water also to create music through a water organ. The works lasted almost fifteen years, it was necessary to built a channel of about 800 meters below the city of Tivoli to divert the water of the river Aniene towards the Villa to create 255 waterfall fountains, 350 jets of tens of meters of water, 100 pools, 300 spurts, 50 fountains, everything connected by more than 880 meters of canalizations all in a 35.000 square meters garden surrounded by tree-lined paths, steps and a flora composed of 30,000 seasonal plants, 150 centuries-old tall trees. The wonder of this park is the musical fountain with melodies produced by the water that fall on a water organ...

In Tivoli you can also visit the remains of Hadrian's Villa, the magnificent and extensive residence of Emperor Hadrian

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Private Guided Tour by Car
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• Villa d'Este
• 1 - 4 people € 340

• Villa d'Este + Hadrian's Villa
• 1 - 4 people € 590

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4 hours Villa d'Este
6 hours Villa d'Este + Hadrian's Villa
included Rome-Tivoli round trip.

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Private Car

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