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Underground Rome Tour

Roman Vicus

We offer two different private tours, in two different places in the city.


Roman Houses on Celio and San Clemente

This is a walking tour. We will go down under the foundations of church of St. Clemente, under which we can see different layers built on different eras, from ancient Rome up to the most recent centuries: Roman temples, streets, churches. Then approaching the Celio hill behind the Colosseum, we will descend under the church of the Saints John and Paul and we will see a residential area of Ancient Rome, the so-called Roman houses at Celio with some frescoed rooms still visible from the third century.


St. Sebastian and St. Callisto's Catacombs

This is a Tour by car, we will move away from the city center on the Appian Way. Under this ancient Roman consular road there are several catacombs and we will visit the two most important: San Callisto which is the largest and San Sebastiano in which in the third century were transferred, temporarily the remains of St. Peter and St. Paul. A real, unforgettable and impressive journey into the past.

Price List

Private Guided Walking Tour

Roman Houses on Celio and San Clemente

• 1 - 5 people € 150

• For each additional person € 20
• For kids with parents less than 7 years, the Giude is free

Private Guided Tour by Car

St. Sebastian and St. Callisto's Catacombs

• 1 - 4 people € 260

• Prices of Tours by Car are per vehicle and include the Guide
• For Private Groups of more than 4 people contact us to receive our best price

Both Tours last 3 Hours

Professional Licensed Guide
Private Car (Tour by Car only)

Entrance Tickets
We believe it is fair for you that entrance tickets to museums, archaeological sites or other attractions are not included and that they are calculated and charged separately, based on the actual number of participants. The Entrance Tickets cost: St. Clemente € 10 per person, Roman Domus on Celio € 8 per person, St. Callisto Catacombs € 8 per person, St. Sebastian Catacombs € 8 per person

Remember to wear comfortable shoes and cover shoulders and knees before entering any Church or Sacred Places.