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Fountains and Squares
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Naiadi Fountain

Since its origin, Rome is closely connected to the element water, considered by ancient Romans as a divine essence, a gift of the Gods. The position of the city close to Tiber River, the presence of numerous spontaneous springs throughout the city and then the construction of imposing aqueducts has allowed the great ancient engineers to design so much highly effective water channeling systems to build numerous fountains, baths, nymphs, and above all, very large Thermal Baths. A curiosity: Thermal Baths and SPA as we understand it today were invented by the ancient Romans. SPA is a latin acronym "Salus Per Aquam", that means "Health through Water". Today the Roman fountains decorate the most beautiful squares. Locals spend their free time with friends talking while sitting on their edges and tourists to rest and admire the architectural masterpieces that surround it. We will walk telling about the History and the Stories of Rome admiring its fountains and squares. An alternative way to discover the eternal city.

This is a Wide Tour because there are so many fountains throughout the city, not so close to each other, therefore we can do this tour only by car. We will do a comfortable City Tour of 3 hours by Luxury Car, Suv or Executive Van, depending on the number of participants.

Price List

Private Guided Tour by Car

• 1 - 4 people € 260

• Prices of Tours by Car are per vehicle and include the Guide
• For Private Groups of more than 4 people contact us to receive our best price

3 Hours

Professional Licensed Guide
Private Car

Entrance Tickets because it is not contemplate any visit to Museums or Archaelogical Sites.

Remember to wear comfortable shoes and cover shoulders and knees before entering any Church or Sacred Places. For security reasons, inside all sites, you can bring only regular bags and small backpacks.