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Caravaggio's Rome Tour

Paintings of Caravaggio

Caravaggio was the first great reformer of European painting and probably the only one, he broke the established rules of painting of his time leaving the mannerism behind. He was a brilliant and a modern artist in his revolutionary way of painting, considered the founder of realism and perhaps the creator of the night effect, after him, painting was no longer the same. He is considered by many critics and art historians the first "ante litteram Photographer" meaning he was the first to portray no more icons, idealized figures, but people taken from the street illuminated by natural light, something that before him no other painter had ever done. He was an impetuous character and lived intensely every minute of his short life: passionate loves, cruel desires, accusations, arrests, the run from Rome and premature death, but above all he was his Art so close to our modern way of seeing. We will enter churches to admire some of his masterpieces. We will walk the same streets where he lived and worked, you will see in which palaces he lived, where he spent his time, rejoiced and suffered creating his masterpieces. This Tour is a different and very interesting way to explore and discover the marvelous Baroque Rome

Price List

Private Guided Walking Tour

• 1 - 5 people € 150

• For each additional person € 20
• For kids with parents less than 7 years, the Tour is free

3 Hours

Professional Licensed Guide

Entrance Tickets are Not included because it is Not contemplate any visit to Museums or Archaelogical Sites

Remember to wear comfortable shoes and cover shoulders and knees before entering any Church or Sacred Places.